Monday, February 24, 2014

Episode 20: Solitude Mood
Featuring: Andrew Dick and Tim Cicali

This Week, Andrew finds himself horribly confused by the cluttered mess that is the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie; Timmy unveils the story of A Band called Death; how Atlantic Rim is better than Sharknado but still a waste of time; love is lavished upon Chinatown and it's sequel, The Two Jakes; will Eddie Murphy ever make us laugh again; Spike Lee's Oldboy remake suddenly looks promising; Andrew spends another summer playing Japanese RPGs; and the cult-classic Shogun Assassin finally gets a well deserved Blu-ray release. On the music side of things, we throw down some classic prog-rock and electronic tunes into the usual mix of madness. Enjoy! 


Featured Music:

  • Rush - Bastille Day
  • Rick Wakeman - Catherine Of Aragon
  • Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask
  • Depeche Mode - Policy Of truth 
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra - Rydeen
  • Yes - Starship Trooper
  • Death - You're A Prisoner 
  • System Of A Down - Prison Song
  • System Of A Down - Question!
  • The Dells - Walk On By
  • The Bee Gees - Whisper Whisper
  • Tahiti 80 - Good Boy
  • Super Furry Animals - Tradewinds
  • k-os - Crabbuckit
  • Nina Simone - Feeling Good
  • Gramatik - Hit That Jive
  • Sugar Glyder - Hag
  • Eggstone - Suffocation At Sea
  • Kraftwerk - Autobahn
  • Shogun Assassin Intro
  • Barry Adamson - Straight Til Sunrise

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