Friday, August 22, 2014

Episode 58: The Quaaludes Are Working

Huzzah! Albert and Derrick of 'Bless These Sounds Under The City' return to the show for some more lo-fi radio shenanigans! This week, we discuss what the future has in store for the band including upcoming music videos and albums; the advantages having of a two-member band; Derrick's fancy new Roland Drum Pad (which gets demonstrated in the After Hours show); how to use cereal boxes and trash bags as percussion instruments; and first thoughts on Kimbra's sophomore release. On the second half we get into some truly hard hitting questions, such as: Sgt. Peppers: Greatest album of all time?; Radiohead: Most influential band of all time?; King Of Limbs: Actually listenable album? The answers may surprise you.

Featured Music:
  • Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam
  • Kimbra - Miracle
  • Kimbra - Nobody But You
  • The Beatles - Martha My Dear
  • Paul & Linda McCartney - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
  • The Beach Boys - Summer Of Love (Excerpt)
  • The Beach Boys - Darlin'
  • Marvin Holmes & Justice - Summer of '73
  • Tahiti 80 - Good Boy

Friday, August 8, 2014

Episode 57: Jaws Is A Decent Guy

This week, we discuss the bizarre happenings that occurred during our recording last week; the uncertain fate of Studio Ghibli; the continuing misadventures of "Ghostbusters 3" in development hell; a potential biopic about Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert starring Will Ferrell; Timmy's thoughts on Terry Gilliam's latest flick, "The Zero Theorem"; and finally, a break down of Steven Spielberg's seminal summer blockbuster "Jaws" and it's three increasingly ridiculous sequels. There is also music. Fun!

Featured Music:
  • DJ Numark - Mash Up (TMC MIX)
  • DJ Snake - Turn Down For What Ft. Lil' Jon, Beastie boys, Chuck D, and Talib Kweli (TMC MIX)
  • The Four Tops - Seven Rooms Of Gloom
  • Washed Up - All I Know
  • Tandy Love - Bear Ham
  • ‎Alain Goraguer - Maquillage De Tiwa
  • Calibro 35 - La Banda Del B.B.Q.
  • Tahiti 80 - Matter Of Time
  • Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
  • The Heavy - Don't Say Nothing
  • The Last Shadow Puppets - Black Plant

Friday, August 1, 2014

Episode 56: And That's When They Erect Skull Mountain

This week, we discuss the return of fringe Wu-Tang member Andre Johnson and how ripping off his penis apparently turned him into a God; the inanity of a 12-day Simpsons marathon; Comic Con 2014 round-up including an Evil Dead television show, first bits of info on Godzilla 2 and super-keen trailers for Mad Max, Tusk and Black Jesus; billionaires divide up California and build Skull Mountain; and Timmy needs to watch Jaws.

Featured Music:
  • Chuck D - What's Criminal (TMC MIX)
  • Lee Field & The Expressions - Money I$ King
  • Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra
  • Marcos Valle - Pista 02
  • Slakah The Beatchild - Colorblind
  • Wagon Christ - Bend Over
  • Monophonics - Bang Bang
  • Mice Parade - Currents
  • Lou Bond - Why Must Our Eyes Always Be Turned Backwards?
  • The Mountaineers - Self-Catering
  • Imperial Wonders - Just A Dream
  • Jim Noir - Tea
  • The Beach Boys - Vegetables