Monday, February 24, 2014

Episode 10: The Tale Of One Man And His Wheat Field
Featuring: Andrew Dick and Tim Cicali

Hot damn! We finally enter double-digit territory with this sexy beast of an episode! First up, we chuckle along with Metta World Peace as he calmly informs us that he's too sexy for his cat; a block of tunes is interlaced with our random musings on Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Wu-Tang and the Beach Boys; Timmy has been watching a whole bunch of documentary's which leads us to lengthy discussions on CleanFlicks, the preservation of film, digital v.s. film, and, of course, more wacky Star Wars talk; Andy generally feels weird about Far Cry 3's ending; and lastly we enjoy the embarrassing absurdity of the Doctor Who song, Doctor In Distress. It's all sounds so good, right? Of course it does. It's Dick At Night. We're, like, totally the greatest goddamn thing in the universe. And it's our tenth episode. Dig, ya'll.


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