Monday, February 24, 2014

The Wilderness Years

Here they are. Our very first attempts at this whole podcasting thing. The sort of thing only worth checking into if you're a super big fan of what we do because honestly, things can get pretty dire here. Our equipment was faulty. Conversations sputter out awkwardly or go on for way too long. Sound levels can differ wildly from track to track. Basically, we had no clue what the hell we were doing. That's not to say we actually know what the hell we're doing NOW but it certainly isn't as bad as these dark, old days. that I think about it, episode four is actually kind of awesome. And hell, five isn't too bad either. Aw jeez, there's some good stuff in here. Just tread with caution, lower your expectations a bit and you should be fine. Just try and avoid that first episode. That one...whoo boy.     

Episode 1: The Cheeseburger Fiasco*ck+At+Night+-+01.+D*ck+At+Night+Episode+1+%28The+Cheeseburger+Fiasco%29.MP3
Episode 2: Harvey*ck+At+Night+-+01.+D*ck+At+Night+Episode+2++Harvey.MP3
Episode 3: The Story Of People Exploding*ck+At+Night+Episode+3+%28The+Story+Of+People+Exploding%29.mp3
Episode 4: Hard Times, Deddy! (The Life And Times Of Shady Tip)*ck+At+Night+Episode+4+%28Hard+Times%2C+Deddy!+The+Life+And+Death+Of+Shady+Tip%29.mp3
Episode 5: The All-Singing, All-Dancing Vinyl Spectacular!*ck+At+Night+Episode+5+%28The+All-Singing%2C+All-Dancing+Vinyl+Spectacular!%29.mp3
Episode 6: Elevator Porn Music*ck+At+Night+Episode+6+%28Elevator+P*rn+Music%29.mp3
Episode 7: Philosophically Stacked*ck+At+Night+Episode+7+%28Philosophically+Stacked%29.mp3
Episode 8: A Serbian Episode*ck+At+Night+Episode+8+%28A+Serbian+Episode%29.mp3
Episode 9: Chew Tobacco. Chew Tobacco. Chew Tobacco. Spit.*ck+At+Night+Episode+9+%28Chew+Tobacco.+Chew+Tobacco.+Chew+Tobacco.+Spit.%29.mp3

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