Friday, April 18, 2014

Episode 44: Cuddle Cheeks
Featuring: Andrew Dick and Tim Cicali


This week (our first for Plaza Midwood Community Radio) we discuss the recent Reign Of Kindo concert at Tremont; Timmy expounds upon what he describes as "the Banana Incident"; Andrew is not pleased at the intentions for a 'Goonies' sequel; we share memories of old-ass VHS tapes; and Radiohead's first album, Pablo Honey is dissected. Other nonsense happens as well. And there's music.

Featured Music:

  • The Reign Of Kindo - Just Wait
  • Mac DeMarco - Salad Days
  • The Delfonics - Funny Feeling
  • The Beach Boys - Hey, Little Tomboy
  • Andre Williams - Pussy Stank
  • Andre Williams - Looking Down At You - Looking Up At Me
  • Matt Berry - October Sun
  • Matching Mole - Instant Pussy
  • Headless Chickens - I Don't Want To Go To Woodstock (ft. Thom Yorke)
  • Radiohead - You
  • Radiohead - Blow Out
  • Lucifer's Friend - Where The Groupies Killed The Blues
  • Les Claypool - Red State Girl

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