Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Peter Thomas 
The Big Boss OST

In 1971, Bruce Lee returned to China to begin his incredible yet short lived run of amazing martial arts flicks. The first was The Big Boss, which broke all sorts of box office records (of course, until his next film broke all of THOSE) and finally launched him into stardom. The film is also noteworthy by the fact that it has three different soundtracks; two from China and one from Germany, which is the one we'll be discussing today.

Peter Thomas was incredibly active composer who not only composed a multitude of film soundtracks in his 50+ year long career but also crafted a number of library tracks for companies like Golden Ring Records. The Big Boss soundtrack straddles the line between the two. While a great majority of the album is new compositions written strictly for the film, Thomas dug into his bag of library tracks to flesh out the entire thing. The result is an absolutely killer set of tracks that bubble with a funkiness usually unheard of in Kung-Fu flicks. Dig, ya'll. 

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